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Someone once said, “The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of that which is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.

Fishing makes you happier and healthier. It provides a wealth of mental, emotional and physical benefits too.

Most elderly and wise people equate fishing with happiness and health. When you think of prehistoric fishing, it was one of the only ways human beings could live.

However, think of fishing in an abstract way, and the images of vast horizons of seas depicting calmness and serenity comes to your mind.

The serenity and calmness that you feel as you sit on the bank of the river catching fish makes you forget even the most complex problems and worries and you find yourself in a distant land far from the miseries of the artificial world that we created for ourselves.

In fact, many of these benefits last much longer than a single fishing trip, which means you’re not only going to feel better while you’re on the boat, you’re going to feel better when you come home, too.

“Calling fishing a hobby is like calling brain surgery a job,”

Paul Schullery.

Before we get into the science-y benefits, here are some basic reasons why we think fishing is a great hobby:

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  • Patience is a virtue! You can learn to become more patient when you sit down with the rod (we mean fishing rod) in hand and wait for a bite, but when you catch a lunker, it’s all worth it!
  • Learning all the techniques and tricks to become a Master Baiter increases focus and concentration.
  • Fishing is a great way to get out in the sun and have tons of fun while being happy (not to mention the vitamins your body gets when exposed to natural light). Furthermore, it’s better to go outside than being a couch potato!

Health Benefits of Fishing

Although you probably don’t need any additional reasons to go fishing, we’ve given you 5 more below:

1. Get Benefitted from Mother Nature

The view of the natural habitats helps accelerate the process of healing and reduce pain. Although the exact reasons that it happens are not yet clear, time spent hanging out in nature helps to reduce your blood pressure.

2. Burn Calories

If you are actively fishing, you can end up burning about 200 calories per hour (even more when fly fishing in a stream ), which can be significant.

3. Boosting Your Mood with Some Vitamin “D”

Exposure to sunlight triggers your brain to release serotonin – an important hormone that is thought to help improve your mood and encourage happy thoughts. When you go fishing, you get a lot of Vitamin D.

4. Bolster Your Immunity

Sun light doesn’t just provide mood-enhancing benefits, it also helps to bolster your immune system. Exposure to some of the wavelengths present in sunlight causes some of the body’s infection-fighting cells to begin moving more rapidly. That’s higher immunity, friend!

5. Get Some Healthy Air into Your Lungs

Spend the day breathing relatively clean air, which will give your lungs a break from the polluted urban air many of us breathe on a daily basis.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab your fishing accessories and get going.

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