5pcs Fishing Bobber Rigs Balsa Wood


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A slip bobber is a bobber that slides freely up and down your fishing line. The slip bobber allows you to cast just about as far as you normally would. You can also fish as deep as you want.  You can use slip bobbers to precisely hold your bait just off the bottom no matter how deep the water is.


  • Sensitive Visible Spring Slip Bobbers – Spring Slip bobbers are notably sensitive and noticeable. Very responsive when the fish takes the bait. Slip bobbers slide freely up and down your fishing line. Perfect for fishing in a variety of situations and depths
  • Detect More Bites – It’s a scientific fact that spring bobbers allow an angler to sense quickly if a fish is interacting with the bait. They’re also capable of giving the most natural presentation to your panfish jigs. When teamed up with the right line, they will help you outperform other deepwater fishermen
  • Fishing Floats and Bobbers makes Fishing Better – In the water, the line flows unobstructedly through the float until the bobber stop, leaving the bait at the desired depth. When you start to reel in, the float slides back down toward the hook again. In this way, you can fish for walleye or catfish suspended inches off the bottom, panfish or pike suspended midway, or trout cruising along in the top third of the water column.


  • There is usually a small knot tied on the fishing line to stop the bobber from sliding up the line.
  • Next, a small bead with a hole thru the center is slid on to the line. (The knot should be big enough to stop the bead from sliding past the knot, but small enough to pass through the rod guides easily.)
  • Then the bobber is slid on the line and the hook is tied to the end of the line.
  • You can place a slip shot on the line between my hook and the bobber. The split shot keeps the bobber off of the hook while casting.


  • Material: Balsa Wood and Plastic
  • Flotage: 15g/0.53oz; 5g/0.18oz
  • Total Length: 13.4cm/5.28in; 12.3cm/4.84in
  • Float Ball Length: 5cm/2in; 4cm/1.6in
  • Color: Blue, Red, Wood, Black, Green


  • 5 x Fishing Slip Floats (15g/5g)


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